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What is Earning Traffic

Is Earning Traffic Scam - earningtraffic.com is a paid to click traffic exchange website and a revenue sharing program that provides high quality traffic and advertising solutions to its members and advertisers, its main goal is to help small business and website owners drive more traffic to their sales websites and generate more income. Earning Traffic works totally the same as many other revenue sharing website like Traficmonsoon Trafficncash, Edentraffic and many more.

If you have been a member of those revenue sharing program then perhaps you know how Earning Traffic works, there is a way for you to earn money from this website without investing money or spending a dime, you don't really need to purchase an ad pack if your only desire is to earn free cash which ranges from $0.001 up to $0.02 per click. For some who only want to monetize their free time making money with Earning Traffic is just another way round to earn money online.

How It Works?

Earning Traffic requires ad pack buying, which means as a member of the site, if you want to generate more income through this, you would end up purchasing ad packs and make more profits. An amount of money will be credited directly to your account once your ad packs matures, Earning Traffic claims that could earn money using their services every 30 seconds, which is not something new as that is how most of the revenue sharing program works.

Earning Traffic is all about ad pack selling, this website sells affordable advertising packages, there are few choices you can choose from but this is not the only way for you to earn money from this website. It has a great referral program in which you can earn up to 12 % referral commission every time your referral upgrade their account, you could also earn free cash from your referral clicks, this means that the more active referrals you have the more money you can earn.
Earning Traffic Review - earningtraffic.com

As mentioned earlier there is a way for you to earn money as a free members, there is no need to buy ad packs here, you can always go to "Earn Money" section and start earning free cash by just viewing websites. But the money you could earn from this won't be that much, making $1 per day is just impossible to achieve especially if you don't have referrals, your main goal here would be getting hundreds and thousands of active referrals who will be interested in making money and purchasing packs.

Business/Site Info:

  • Company;s Name: Earning Traffic
  • Website URL: www.earningtraffic.com
  • Business Category: Paid To Click Traffic Exchange & Revenue Sharing Website
  • Current Status: New/Paying
  • Accepted Payment Processors: Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, SolidTrust Pay, Perfect Money
  • Minimum Payout: N/A

Domain Info:

  • Domain Name: earningtraffic.com
  • Creation Date: September 30, 1015
  • Expiration Date: September 30, 2018
  • Registrar: GODADDY.COM LLC

Members Benefits:

  • Earn money while advertising your business
  • Earn free cash viewing website
  • Earn profits from all your purcahses
  • Earn up to 12 % referral commission
  • Get paid to view websites

None Passive Pack - $5

  • Matures at 130%
  • No Repurchased Rule
  • 8% Referral Commission
  • 50 Traffic Exchange Credits
  • 5 Banner Credits (Pay Per Click)
  • 100 Text Ads Credits (Impression)
  • Revenue Share every 4 Hours
  • Must Surf 10 Ads to Qualified

Passive Pack - $50

  • Matures at 118%
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 12% Referral Commission
  • 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits
  • 20 Banner Credits (Pay Per Click)
  • 500 Text Ads Credits (Impression)
  • Revenue Share Every 1 Hour
  • No Surfing Require

Ways To Earn Money With Earning Traffic

  • Viewing Ads
  • Buying Ad Packs
  • Referring Others
  • Advertising
Making thousands of dollars with Earning Traffic is possible but it's kind of risky since we had no idea whether or not this business will stay in business for a long period of time, as of now this website is currently paying and the business is doing well, if you want to try this out you can signup as a free members and see if this will work for you.

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What is My Revenue Pays

Is My Revenue Pays Scam - myrevenuepays.com is a paid to click (traffic exchange) website and a revenue sharing program that provides advertising solutions to small business and websites owners who wants to drive more traffic to their sales websites and generate more income. Its main goal is to help its members generate more income everyday, by participating on this type of program, you can possibly make up to $1000 a month of course that is not guaranteed to all users as your earnings will depend on your ad packs purchases.

You earn profits from all your ad packs purchases, this means that even though you spend money on advertising using My Revenue Pays you can still get what you have spent in return with more profits. This isn't something new as most the of the revenue sharing program works totally the same, all you need to do is to make sure that the money you invest is safe and that the business you are putting your money for is legitimate and sustainable.

With all the revenue sharing websites on the internet existing today, it is hard to decide sometimes on where you should put your money, it is also hard to determine whether or not the company/website you are putting your money in would stay in business for long period of time. It is not surprising that everyday there are money making website like this would turned out into scam, some would simply shut down their website and run from its members when they can no longer pay its users. However it is so hard to make a conclusion when it comes to this especially if the website is still new and paying, the best thing you can do is to try out their service and see if you can really make money out of it.

How It Works?

My Revenue Pays pays you to view ads and advertise, through purchasing ad packs you can earn profits, members can also earn money by simply viewing ads, this means that one doesn't really need to purchase an ad packs on the site just to earn free cash online through My Revenue pays. There is an option for free members to earn more profits and earn more revenues from all your purchases,

While others may agree that ad pack selling is part of a ponzi scheme, this doesn't mean that businesses that are operating this type of business is a scam, there are tons of companies that runs the same type of business and until now they're going strong and growing, as long as the website is paying then it means ti's legit but once it stop paying then it's a scam.

My Revenue Pays Review - myrevenuepays.com

Your main goal when you join My Revenue Pays is to invite others and get more tons of referrals if your only desire is to make free cash and monetize your time, however if you want to earn more money and generate some real cash form this website then the only thing you can do is to buy numbers of ad packs which will bring you more profits.

Business/Site Info

  • Company;s Name: My Revenue Pays
  • Website URL: www.myrevenuepays.com
  • Business Category: Paid to click, Traffic Exchange, Revenue Sharing
  • Current Status: New
  • Launched Date: Feb. 25, 2016
  • Accepted Payment Processors: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payeer, SolidTrust Pay, Payza
  • Minimum Payout: N/A

Domain Info:

  • Domain Name: myrevenuepays.com
  • Creation Date: November 09, 2015
  • Expiration Date: November 09, 2017

Members Benefits:

  • Get paid to view websites
  • Get paid to click
  • Earn up to $0,02 per click
  • Low minimum payout
  • Advertise while making more money
  • Get more quality traffic
  • Get more leads for your business
  • Cashout earnings with your preferred payment solutions
  • Get up to 12 % referral commission

Ways To Earn Money With My Revenue Pays.

  • Viewing ads/websites
  • Buying Ad packs
  • Referring others
  • Advertising your affiliate links
It is possible to make money with My Revenue Pays, but of course make sure that you're putting your money on the right business, My Revenue Pays will be launching on Feb 25 2016, which means this website is still new and the owner still need to prove its legitimacy, we'll see how this revenue sharing program works once the website is fully lunched.

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s Cash Job Scam? - Yes it is! - Review of Cash Job (cashjob.xyz)
We have written a detailed and honest review about Cash Job and you can read it here (CashJob.xyz Review - Is It Real or Scam?) make sure to read that review and let us know your thought about it by simple leaving a comment below. The reason why we decided to write another scam review about Cash Job is that because others may not be satisfied with the first review so we would like to make it clear a little because we know that some of you might still been spending working for Cash Job hoping that you'll get paid. 

First off, Cash Job just another fake internet job site that promises you a high earning potential, the site claims that you could earn money up to $2600 a month by just spending 5 to 10 minutes on the site performing simple online tasks. Cash Job offers you a $10 per unique visit, well just so you know cash.xyz is just a plain referral website in which members need to promote their own personal link, so yes there is no real job being offered from this website.

Cash job claims that they guarantees you a real passive in come which is kind of too good to be true, there is something you need to remember every time you stumble on this type of fake income opportunity, there are few bulls-eye sign of scam in here, when a website with no real products and no real source of funds to pay its members it is certain that the website is a fake website and is just fooling internet users, most websites that is similar to this and offer the same fake income opportunity, will do their best to have you signup to the website so you can help them make money out of your time.

If you are serious about making money on the internet or find some real legitimate online job you can check out this page, (Easy Online Jobs From Home Without Investment) we have listed all the legitimate online jobs and./or websites that pas you to do simple online tasks, you can either choose one of those and see if the programs works for you.

We are trying to help internet users to avoid scams, and comments from the users expressing their thoughts and opinions about the site is also important so comments are very much welcome, sharing your experience from an specific site you have join would truly help everyone whether t is bad or good still it is good to let others know about your experience on the site.
Cash Job Scam - cashjob.xyz

Again we would like to tell you that Cash job is just another fake and scam site, there is no way for anyone to be paid from this site as there is no real job being offered, all the earning statistic you have seen on the site are all fake, the owner of this website has posted those fake earning statistics to lure you and have you signup on the site so they could earn money from you.

How Cash Job Earn Money From Its Users?

Well this website allows you to request for a payout once you reach $300, yes of course it is so easy to earn those figures, the only program is that, it is so hard to get it or to have it in your hand because the website requires you to take an online surveys first in which they earn money from, yes that is how this type of website earn money from its users, meaning they're not paying at all but they are making money from their members every time a member have completed a survey. Unfortunately most of the users from the Philippines might have hard time completing the surveys as most of the surveys are only available to other countries users.

Cash Job and other similar fake scam site are using CPA advertisement, in which they are paid every time a person take surveys on their site or have completed a survey, those are part of this, cash job will never pay you a dime.

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Is Cash Way Scam? - CashWay.xyz Review

What is Cash Way? - Cash Way is appears to be an internet job site that offers income opportunity or work at jobs opportunity for internet users who wants to earn an extra income from home, it's main purpose is to help you find the best and the most high paying online job. This website claims that you can possible make up to $1700 monthly, but making up to $15000 is of course possible depending on how much time you are going to spend and invest on this website.

Cash Way is a free website where beginners doesn't really need to pay any registration fees unlike others, while this may sound interesting and legitimate, we still have to find out whether or not this website is truly paying or just deceiving internet users to have them join to the site and make money from them.

What kind of Job Does Cash Way Offers?

There is no specific statement about this matter, or on what kind of job they are really offering to people, however they stated that you can possibly earn thousands of guaranteed earnings by just spending 5 to 10 minutes on the site doing simple online tasks. But wait, what are those online jobs? can you please tell me? well to be honest, there is no real job being offered by Cash Way the only thing you will be doing on the site is to promote your own personal referral link to earn money.

How It Works?

Cash Way claims that they would be willing to pay you $10 per unique visit, this means that every time a person click on your referral link you have promoted either on social media site, you could earn $5 up to $10 which is not really hard to earn because it is easy to promote your referral link especially if you have thousands of connection or followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or on forum site, it is even possible to earn $1500 in your first week yes! that is true but that would depend on how many people are clicking on your referral link.

There seems to be a lot of fake internet job site that is similar to this, as we have written tons of reviews about similar sites already that are not paying at all, websites that are fake and try to make you believe that they were legit by simple using false statement on the site and posting fake earning statistics, numbers of people who are paid and others thing like fake testimonies and other fake numbers of members who joined the site, all of these scam sites are suing the same strategy to fool anyone and have them signup and promote their website.
CashWay.xyz Reviews

In Short, this website isn't paying at all, and you'd only be wasting your time on the site spending hours and hours of promoting the site, you'd only see all the imaginary earning statics on your Cash Way account but there is no way for you to really get it or have it since this website aren't paying anyone so you better stay away from the site, If you are looking for a real legitimate online job from home then you should check this page out "Earn Online Jobs Without Investment" we have listed all the possible legitimate online jobs you can do from home, you can either choose which one you prefer and start making from home, also you can signup and register for Clixsense, this is one of the most legitimate website that offers simple and easy PTC Jobs for people with no experience but do have a basic internet

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Perhaps you are one of those who are looking for an legitimate work at home jobs and you happen to stumbled on Cash Way (cashway.xyz) and you've been wondering whether or not this website is truly paying or just another fake and scam site. We have written an honest review about this website already but we just want to clarify things out in this article.

As we have said already on our first review about this website, we wanted to help you determine if this website is scam and what make it fake and scam. It's pretty simple, most of this scam site do use the same information, when you try to take a look at their website especially the web design obviously most of those scam site use the same design and also shares something in common, like the anti-cheat system that seems to be legit but the truth is it is only written to lure you and have you signup with the site.

With all the fake internet job site like this one that is pretty similar other scam sites, like getpaid4duty, theyouthjob, thereferraltasks, cashwork, cashjoba and many others have the same plot, they offer the same job opportunity without real product. When you are looking a real legitimate PTC Job joining one of those will be the best option and finding out whether or not joining the site will benefit you. One thing you would want to find out is whether or not the website is legit.

In this case, let's take a look at how Cash Way works and why we have rated this website as fake and scam site.

#1. False Clams - yes cashway.xyz claims to be legit, but the truth is this website is scam just like other similar fake internet job site, some people may fall into this and might believe that the website is truly legit due to its false claims, false earning statistics and other important factors.

#2. Too Good To Be True - when you take a look at their website you'll notice that they are offering such high potential earnings, you could even earn $1500 in your first week, while that may be possible this doesn't make Cash Way legitimate as all your earnings will be just imaginary, meaning you wouldnt be able to get it, it will remain on your Cash Way account and you will never get paid.

#3 High Payment Threshold - yes this is ridiculous, members need to reach $300 before they can even request for a payout and yet when you request for a payout they will ask you to take an online survey and once completed you are promised to get your payment, however they won't send it to as there is on payment option can be found on your dashboard there is no way to select a payment method anyway!

#4. False Earning Statistics - this is one reason why you should not even join Cash Way because this website post a fake earning statistic on the site to make you believe that they're really paying or something,

#5. Fake Payment Proof, - most of the fake internet job site do post the same single payment proof on the site, which is kind of absurd, if you are a beginner you might believe in those but seriously this website is a big scam.
Cash Job - cashjob.xyz Scam

$6, Taking Online Survey - this is how Cash Way make money from you, they asked members to take paid online surveys after you reach the minimum threshold which is $300 but right after you have completed the survey there is no way for you to get your payment, because this website is scam and they're only using you so they can make money from you through those surveys, so you should not join cashway.xyz.

#7. No Real Payment Proof - when you try to google for payment proofs from this website, you would never find a single payment proof being uploaded by its members, so the owner of cashway.xyz is just falling its members, yet you're doing your best to promote the site but they're not going to pay.

#8. Welcome Bonus - Cash Way gives you a welcome bonus worth of $25 which most of the PTC Job site doesn't offer at all, this website gives you that amount to make you excited and have you promote the site.

#9. Admins are not responding - when you try to contact the admins of this website, they won't entertain, instead they're ignore all your emails because they're hiding and don't want to deal with such issues, because they're only fooling you.

#10. No Forum - most of the legitimate PTC job site has a forum page in which members can freely post any topics or complain about the service, but cashjob doesn't have it plus to think that there is no real products then it's a red flag!

Obviously Cash Way is a fake internet job site and there is no way for you to really earn some real cash from this website so you better stay away and find some real "Legitimate Online Jobs from Home'

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Clicky Hits - clickyhits.com is a website that offers high quality traffic for website owners who wants to drive more traffic to their website it's main goal is to help you earn money while driving more traffic to your website and possibly get more leads for your sales website. Obviously Clicky Hits is a traffic exchange website or paid to click program in which members itself can earn a little extra cash while viewing ads or visiting advertisers website.

Clicky Hits is a money making website made for those who want to generate more income and getting more quality traffic while making more and more profits.this website was lunched last year and have been paying its members and sending more quality traffic to thousands of websites from around the world.

Clicky Hits Business/Site Info:

  • Company's Name: Clicky Hits
  • Website URL: www.clickyhits.com
  • Website Owner: Anton Baikov
  • Business Category: Traffic Exchange Website, Pay Per Click/ Paid To Click Advertising Network
  • Accepted Payment Processors: Unspecified
  • Accepted Countries: International/Anyone can join the site for free

Domain Info:

  • Domain Name: www.clickyhits.com
  • Creation Date: May, 14, 2015
  • Expiration Date: May 14, 2016
  • Registrar: ENOM, INC.

What is the main purpose of this website? and how you can earn money from this?

Clicky Hits - clickyhits.comAs mentioned earlier, this website is offers a traffic exchange website, you can earn money by simply advertising your business on the site which can be done, through purchasing ad credits on the site, there are multiple payment option you can choose from, I was trying to signup on the site but the code isn't working so I couldn't seem to finish my registration however I am sure enough that this website is still new and it seems that Clicky Hits is has sent thousands of traffic to thousands of website owners.

We will be writing a detailed and honest review about this website shortly once we're done with our investigation.

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sh Travel - cashtravel.info is a traffic exchange and paid to click website that offers high quality traffic to the advertisers, small business  and/or website owners who wants to drive more traffic to their sales website and get more leads. Cash Travel traffic generation system would allow you to get thousands of traffic from real people who could be your prospects or leads.

If you're website is related to money making online then advertising it on Cash Travel website is the best option you can do to generate more income. Cash Travel an established paid to click program in which members are being paid to view advertisers website, although this website is still new and this website still need to prove its legitimacy to its users to gain good reputation on the internet. This website is free to join so anyone can possibly start earning free cash from this website.

Cash Travel Business/Site Info:

  • Company's Name: Cash Travel
  • Website URL: www.cashtravel.info
  • Business Category: Traffic Exchange, Paid To Click, Pay Per Click Advertising Network
  • Accepted Payment Processors: Paypal, Payza
  • Minimum Earning Withdrawals: $0.05 for Paypal, $1.05 for Payza
  • Accepted Countries: International/anyone can join the site for free
  • Current Status: Established/Paying
  • Profit Per Click: $0.001 and up

Domain Info:

  • Domain Name: cashtravel.info
  • Creation Date:  2012-02-07
  • Expiration Date: 2018-02-07
  • Registrar: IANA ID: 146

How To Earn Money From Cash Travel?

Cash Travel - cashtravel.infoThis website allows you to earn money in multiple ways, you can probably start earning free cash from this website as a free member without paying any registration fees or without upgrading your account but this website also gives you an option to upgrade your account which means that you can probably still earn money from this website without advertising your business on the site. 

Members are paid for visiting website and completing other simple online task offers on the the site, free members usually get up to 20 ads to visit on daily basis while upgraded members has the higher chances of getting more high value ads on daily basis.

For those who are interested in earn free cash from this website you can register here 

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